Any chance of having a fun "Best costume" race to end the day at KWCX

We were at the Trek CX Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin last weekend and one of the most talked about races was the “Legends Race”. Just a 100% fun race for everyone that could pedal a bike.
The start order was determined by the best costume. The race was for 2 laps of the full race circuit (which would take about ~7 minutes for the elite riders in the race).
Evie Richards was racing in a shark costume!

I was a bit shocked at the number of people that participated. It looked like a fun time and a great end to the day.

Any chance that we could put something like that together at the end of the KWCX race day? An informal race would be fine, although we’d probably have to have people register in order to get coverage by the OCA insurance.

Just a thought…


I love “races” like that. They embody cross to me. The vast majority of people race cross for fun and love this kind of thing. Just look at the Cyclo-Cross Single Speed World Championships, even Sven Nys has “raced” and had a blast at them.

Our single speed race is generally the end of the day fun race. Yes it happens at the same time the elites are on course, but it’s pretty chill. I would have to jump through some hoops to make another event at the end of the day happen with Ontario Cycling, and we’ve been struggling with them when it comes to fun and cyclo-cross.

That being said we could have a club event 45 min after the other races wrap up, no timing or commissaires, just our own rules. If it’s a club event we’re covered under our own insurance and then anyone else also covered by Ontario Cycling under a club could join as a guest at our event. Hmmmm maybe.


Completely agree on the ‘race cross for fun’. There was a ‘hidden bar’ at the back of the Trek course with a live polka band and serving free beer. I’m pretty sure some of the racers at the Legends costume race in Wisconsin were stopping for a beverage!

I don’t know how much interest there would be, but I could try to convince KWCA kids to join. Already helping with a plan to get kids at the hydrocut in costumes the Friday before!