Adventure Ride Sat Sept 23, 9 AM

Crew will be meeting at Starbucks Near Highland and Ira Needles at 9 am for an “unofficial” adventure.

Route → When have I ever led you astray - A bike ride in Kitchener, Ontario

  • Gravel/Cx bikes
  • Group 2 “culture”: we won’t leave a person behind but expect an honest day’s work. Avg speed will be 30ish including all the gnarly sections, and we will share the workload amongst each according to their ability (as well providing draft for each according to their needs)
  • Bring food and your own flat repair stuff
  • Coffee/refuel in St Marys

Posting here because I’m tired of herding cats on facebook/text/signal/whatsapp/discord/twitter/email/gah


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Patte and I would like to propose a shorter route…Can we chop 30-40km off? :slight_smile: