Saturday Oct 1 Unofficial Adventure Ride

Looks like Igor’s sending us a rare northeast wind. That can only mean one thing.
This is an awesome but difficult ride. Rail trail to the forks of the credit, some Bruce Trail adventure riding, the infamous La Grange sideroad, and hilly gravel home.

RIM Park 9 AM (Same meeting spot as Thursday Road Ride)

  • Gravel/Cx bikes
  • Group 2 “culture”: we won’t leave a person behind but expect an honest day’s work. Avg speed will probably be less than 30 given the difficulty of this route. We will share the workload amongst each according to their ability (as well providing draft for each according to their needs)
  • Bring food and your own flat repair stuff
  • Coffee/refuel in Belfountain and/or Erin

Attending a race on Sunday so this should help my fitness right!

“Never let racing interfere with your riding”


In…see you tomorrow.