Unofficial Gravel Ride 115 PM December 21st

Hey all

With the holidays I’m thinking there might be some folks off who could ride Wednesday afternoon. Looks like it might be mild with little wind.

I’m thinking of leaving from the petrocanada on 24 just past downtown Cambridge and taking the rail trail to Paris (or West River Road ) and then back on the rail trail. If we feel spirited maybe venture further out to Brantford. Also suggest a stop at Dog Eared Cafe in Paris (great cortados and cinnamon buns).

I’ll be on a gravel bike with studs (which I think for the trail is needed If on a gravel rig ) but a fat bike or other would work I’m sure.

Hey all. Was some interest but I’m not sure anyone will be riding today.
I’m still going to be there but likely earlier. I’ll wait though if there is anyone thinking of joining. Just post here if that’s the case.

Last day of work for me today until 2023. Otherwise I’d likely be in. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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It’s all good Kevin! I’m always off Wednesday afternoon so was hopeful that others might be due to Xmas. Looks like a beauty day.