Rec Road Rides - The Virtual Edition

Our fun summer weather is behind us so now is the time to take to the trainer and keep the fun and fitness going. To that end I will be co-ordinating Zwift rides for any members who would like to join us. The plan is to set up two rides per week, one on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm and one on Sunday at 11am. Most rides will be less than an hour but we may occasionally do shorter or longer rides. The rides will be posted just like the on road ones but you will have to sign up for them in Zwift to participate. That will require you to have joined the WCC in Zwift.

To join us you will have to be signed up and able to ride through Zwift. For those new to Zwifting, they have all the details of setup and configuration on their website ( ).
At a minimum, you will need a wheel on trainer, something to run the Zwift app on (computer/tablet) and a bluetooth capable speed sensor on your rear wheel. If you have a bike computer setup on your bike now, you can usually use the existing sensors (speed, cadence, heart rate, power meter). The other things you’ll need you likely have around the house already:

  1. something to prop your computer or tablet on
  2. a fan to cool you down
  3. water
  4. a towel handy
  5. summer riding kit

You can spend lots to setup an indoor Zwift space but you don’t have to. I bought an inexpensive mat to go under my bike/trainer and a simple fluid trainer, (magnetic ones are a bit cheaper but don’t increase the load progressively as you ride - a fluid trainer feels more ‘real’ than a magnetic one). All the other pieces I already had. The picture is from last year and, although my wife has moved me to a different part of the basement this year, the setup is the same.


Thanks for breaking it down like this Robert. I’m going to work on sorting out my Zwift setup for this Sunday :crossed_fingers:

You are welcome. Hope to see you virtually, soon.

Just downloading Zwift on my laptop now, looks like it will take a while, sorry. Can I join in late or I guess that defeats the point…

You can join late as long as you have signed up for the ride in Zwift already. You do that through the companion app on your phone. You have to join the WCC in Zwift and then sign up to the ride.

Sorry guess I may miss it, been a hectic week and no chance to get to it before but next time🤞
I will work on it today though for sure and play around a bit so hopefully be prepared for the next ride

How do I join WCC in Zwift? Is it just through the companion app on my phone or is there a place in Zwift on my laptop?

I think you can join from either. You will just have to search for WCC.

Try this

You will need to search for Waterloo Cycling Club under the clubs tab in your Zwift companion app and someone in admin in WCC will let you in.

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I can authorize you once you have made the request.

You have been authorized :+1:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Once you’ve been let in you’ll need to go to WCC tab in clubs in the companion app and RSVP to join the upcoming ride (there’s a rec ride tonight at 7:30).