TrainerRoad Referral Codes

I’m sitting on quite a few referrals, I bet a number of us are. If anyone wants a free month of TrainerRoad leave a post.

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That would be great. I am new to TrainerRoad this year (having been a Zwift / Sufferfest person) and although I find it less entertaining I can’t argue with the results! Seem to get bigger improvements without overtraining.

Hey Oliver. I 100% agree. The results are great… as long as there’s a good tv show to watch I will happily bear the monotony.
Here’s a link if you need one.

I use Trainer Road on top of Zwift (or at least I did when there were races to actually train for.)

I prefer the TR’s training plans and workouts. I also really like their data interfaces during workouts. But I also like the events that Zwift has (races and tour de zwift, etc.)

I have a trainer that outputs both BLE and Ant+ signals (Tacx Neo). I have an Ant+ adapter for my PC, and it already has Bluetooth. Set TR to use one protocol, and Zwift to the other. Only give TR control of your trainer. Now you can do Zwift rides, but Zwift won’t controller your resistance. You can still roam around while you do your TR workouts. It’s nifty.

Thanks Sean, it seems these codes only work for new subscribers so I can’t take advantage. Nice idea though and thanks for trying. Hopefully someone else can take advantage.

TV shows seem to be working well for me too. I tried the Zwift twinning route but just seemed odd watching the avatar going around without me really caring what was going on there (since I was concentrating on the workout). Good for getting kms in zwift though.

Just got the GCN+ membership (when there was a deal for $30 for the year) so might try watching some the racing and videos on that while training.