New (to Me) Cervelo P2C and indoor training

Hi All, My friend cant ride any more because of concussions and loss of equilibrium, so he has incredibly given me his Cervelo P2C, yes its old, but like new as he only ever raced a few times would train on his road bike. After his last triathlon 3 years ago he put it in storage. His bike computer shows less than 500km of racing on it, never dropped or crashed. He is including his Zipp 404’s and speedplay pedals as well as some Easton aluminum rims for training. Anyway, the question is, how do people feel about using a TT bike on an indoor trainer? I want to race TT this summer, and I know the body positioning is very different from my road bike ( I will be getting a proper fitting). So, Should I use it on the trainer to help get used to the positioning or keep it for actual road rides and TT’s? Should I switch back and forth between my road bike and the TT bike on the trainer? Oh, the trainer is a very old TRAX magnetic that is actually stuck on level 5 resistance. Currently doing 4 rides of 1 hour/ ride tempo riding at 32km/hr and 145 heart rate each week. No specific speed training, still in building cardio phase. I do heart rate training as I dont agree with power training, but that is another discussion.


I’m not sure how I missed this post but I hope you found answers!

  • You can definitely use the TT bike on the trainer. Can alternate between base bar and aerobar pads. Big thing is to get used to the different saddle setback and reach
  • Also ride your TT bike outside. Start with shorter rides and build up as your endurance in position improves.

If TT’ing is a key focus it’s really important to use your TT bike over the winter. Recovery rides and certain key workouts outside are also great on the TT bike. Last year I worked up to rides of ~2.0-2.5 hours outside in a really aggressive position and that wouldn’t have been possible without time on the trainer in the winter.

The real long endurance rides (3-5 hours) should be on the road bike unless you’re able to easily adjust your stack upwards significantly.


Thanks for the feedback Chris! Yes, I did put the TT bike on the trainer and worked up to an hour on it. My schedule with work and kids and other activities rarely lets me have more than an hour to myself. I was trying to adjust the fit as I was getting used to riding it. I did end up going to Ziggies to have a proper fitting done. I am actually looking forward to this coming winter as I will be buying a new trainer, I have a very old Tacx magnetic that is stuck on level 5. Looking into a smart trainer. Have not had much chance to ride it outside. Every time I have it scheduled the wind is high or something else comes up. Took it to the cottage with hopes of being able to ride, but the wind was so strong I ended up on my mountain bike every day. I am already thinking about next year. So, putting together a training schedule for the off season. With the new trainer, I am also looking at Zwift for workouts and potentially Zwift races.