Sunday Sep 3 Rec Gravel Recap

It was a late decision and a late post but happy to see @ReneH @hugoperezcano and @carlsberg join us for a ride around Belwood in search of the renowned butter tarts.

We started in Fergus and used the Elora Cataract Trail but also some surrounding roads.

There are some hills they said. Okay I said.

Once we left the trail and got onto line or sideroad10 I realized quickly that I underestimated the hills. I managed to get up all of them but appreciate everyone waiting at the tops so I coukd recover.

We eventually made it to Country Market and the butter tarts were indeed the best.

46 km at ~ 20kph today but whew I earned that tart!


I missed a picture but also happy with how the group came together with tools and advice to get Carl up and running when his brakes were uncooperative. Would have been a bummer to come out and not ride for butter tarts!

Hugo has the most amazing Swiss army knife.

It was some pretty good weather for a long weekend. It was so nice to be outside. Nobody was in a rush. It was so relaxing rolling through Fergus and around Belwood lake with everyone.

I love this road. The Grand River valley is so deep,

You can pick up lots of speed heading down,

And then there is this cool bridge at the bottom. It was built in 2008, but looks vintage with the wooden railing,

The river is so nice here and was running so clear,

And then you can start working up your appetite climbing back out,

For fun we also included the trestle bridge as a bonus at the end of the ride,

Hopefully we will be able to reconvene in this area for a fall :fallen_leaf: colour ride.

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Great pictures. Thanks! Looking forward to the fall ride. @bill & @Bikedawn

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