Rec and Intermediate Gravel Interest Destination ride 2?

Hi Rec (And Intermediate)

Thinking about one more destination ride. Had such a great time yesterday.
All this talk about the Bellwood butter tarts has me wondering about a ride around Bellwood finishing wirh butter tarts. A 50 or 60 km ride after @PattiDennison gets back and before the Italy crew leaves.

Anyone interested? Two options are labour day weekend or Sept 9 I think.

Chime in your thoughts!

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Sounds like a fun time. I am leaving for Italy on August 26 and returning on September 9, so those dates wonโ€™t work for me. Donโ€™t worry about organizing it around my schedule. Have fun! :hugs:

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My vote would be closer to Sept 9th. Rec Road will likely do a Labour Day 100km ride out to Stratford and back.


I am always in for a butter tart๐Ÿ˜‹

Okay - currently leaning to Sept 9.
Iโ€™ll look at logistics over the next couple of weeks. Any insights into parking locations, and route options are welcome.