Suggestion for how to post rides on the forum

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that we have a lot of ride posts within the forum and was wondering what the admins, ride leaders, board thought of the following suggestion.

  • For each official ride of the year create a forum post and make it a sticky.
    ie: 2024 Tuesday Bamberg HIIT Rides
    Within that sticky post the details/status of each week’s ride.
    At the end of the season remove it as a sticky or send it to an archive forum

Even if we did that for our regular core rides it would reduce forum clutter greatly.
Tuesday Bamberg
Wed Gravel
Thurs Threshold
Saturday Fast Fondo



Hey Chris,

It would certainly help with having less posts but of course, no such things as a free lunch :slight_smile:

Posting each ride allows us to set an event. This is useful in three ways:

  1. It allows those handy going / interested / not going buttons which helps drive ride take up (“oh my friend is going, I’ll go too”) and also helps ride leaders determine if they are want to cancel the ride (“I only have one person interested”)
  2. It adds the event into the calendar. I know some people use that as their main way of determining if a ride is going on (it is in the calendar). When we had some technical issues with that I think last year there were complaints!
  3. Having a separate ride / event post makes it clear when a particular ride is on or cancelled. It also updates the event in the calendar with the cancelled status (see point two). Although you are right these rides so normally run 95% of the time sometimes they don’t e.g. no ride leader or they run at a different time e.g. when the clocks go back. Having a separate ride I think makes it a bit clearer and more obvious than manually having to check the sticky each week.

Having said that, I go get your point about clutter. I use the latest view mostly and it can be hard to see other posts with the rides in there. Going to the distinct categories can help.

I don’t think we can pin to the top of the latest section anyway but maybe that is an option?

Another option might be to setup re-occuring rides which I think still puts the event in but not a forum post. I’m not sure how it works with the going / interested though. Last time we tried them they had technical issues but maybe they have improved with forum updates so worth trying again :person_shrugging:



Thanks Oliver good points. :slight_smile:

I like this suggestion, @ChrisP …and I see the points brought up by @Oliver_Smith and understand the benefits.

Perhaps we can, at least, come up with a standardized Title for rides?

Right now I see ride titles start with various items “Intermediate and Fast…” “Tuesday…” “Rec Gravel…”

I think what would help me the most (being selfish):

Date (May 11) - Time (9am) - (Gravel) - (Intermediate) - (St Jacobs Outlet Mall) …(although i’m not sure why the start location is needed in the title? maybe if we have two rides of the same type/level happening on the same day and time?)

Then we would have a list in the forum that looked like this:

May 4 - 9am - Gravel - Intermediate
May 6 - 6pm - Gravel - Intermediate/Fast
May 11 - 8am - Road - Race
May 11 - 9am - Road - Group 3 - CANCELLED
May 11 - 9am - Road - Intermediate
May 17 - 7am - Road - Brevet
May 22 - 6pm - Road - Learn to Group Ride
May 25 - 6:30am - Track - Drop-in :wink:

Click on any of those to determine start location, route, and to sign up.

Edit: While I’m here :slight_smile:

Can somebody look at the ride form settings and increase the box size on the response feature?
If we get a lot of people signing up for a ride, the button to see the list of those attending/interested/not attending disappears and it’s not possible to scroll up to find it.


Made some style changes to hopefully prevent this in the future. Let me know if it breaks again.