Should we add Ride info and signups to the forum?

This could be implemented and has some good possible features such as clearly showing routes maps and changes. Automatically re-occuring weekly rides. Sign-up forms and ride history. A place to chat about your ride and share thoughts and pictures.

It also means we are making the use of the forum a requirement for anyone to ride at WCC. There are options to do this via email though, so that could be worked out.

Personally I’d rather keep it simple. Have a sticky in the ride forum with information on the recurring weekly rides, an explanation of the various groups etc.

You could have a widget for ride signups (during COVID).

If I’m a member (and we are in normal times) I don’t want to be forced to register before every ride, I’ll just show up at the church or RIM Park (or wherever) to ride. :slight_smile:

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