Weekly rides

Hello, I’m new to WCC. I am trying to figure out how to use the forums. Can someone tell me how to find the weekly rides,locations, and times? Are there weekly rides? ie. women’s rides or road and gravel rides? I see the upcoming events calendar, it’s pretty much empty except this Thursday’s TT. Any help will be great!

Hi Shelly,

Welcome to the club! :slight_smile: Because of Covid, there are only a few organized weekly rides happening. Hopefully this will begin to change as we move into Stage 3 and we get some direction from the OCA. The rides happening right now are mostly gravel, some mountain biking, the TT, basically rides where distancing can still be maintained.

The forum has two columns. The left column is where you can click on categories to see discussion within each section. To find rides, scroll down to the Members Only category in that left column. Within that category, you will see Ride Planning/Sign-up. If you click on that, you will see all the past and upcoming rides. Click on the ride you are interested in and sign up from there. Right now, there are two upcoming rides (the TT and Thursday Night MTB Skill session), both on July 15th. New rides will be added, usually a couple of days in advance, so check often!

In the Members Only category there is also a Ride Meetup section for non-official rides. There isn’t much action in there yet, but again, hopefully that will change as restrictions ease.

You can also find rides/information using the right side column, but it is organized in terms of the most recent posts. So this post will be first on the list for a bit until someone else creates a new post. It’s helpful if you visit the forums often and are up to date because you can see any new posts (including rides) quickly without clicking in categories.

I hope this information helps! Here is a link to more detailed and technical information about the forums, which may also be useful: New Forum User Guide