Gravel ride recap for Wednesday May 25th 2022

Surprisingly large group of members standing around in the rain waiting for Alain to lead in the stragglers.

I think we ended up with 11 riders, but the weather was too much for some like this guy.

We split in Connestogo. The fast group went North while group two headed east into the wind. We found some storm damage waiting for Andy to clean up on the G2G trail.

This scene was pretty cool. As I approached it looked like the cows were mingling with the riders.

The tailwind was nice. The rain had stopped by the time we got back to St. Jacobs.

The last challenge was the swarms of bugs along the river. Wow! They were much heavier than any rain we saw. All in all it was a pretty good spring ride!

Thanks to Jim for leading and everyone who rode despite the rain.

/Cc @KGale


I finally made it…

With Thiago and Drew dragging me to the start at 6:04 !

It was wet from the get go. But a magnificent ride.

Me, Thiago Drew & Colin broke off early to do a slightly longer faster route. I shared my location with Dave G. and he was able to intersect with us at Merry Hill Golf Course.

It was wet…wet…and more wet. And windy. But, glorious.

Superb ride.

And great to meet up with Jim and Doug afterward.


@CANGERMANN and @kevrideseverything you were missed !!!


Okay, I will get it cleared today. Sorry I missed the ride. See you Saturday.

Shame :frowning: Great ride all!