Gravel ride recap for Saturday June 11 2022

It was wonderful weather at the start. A check of weather radar confirmed nothing just over the horizon either.

Small group today.

We were wondering where everyone was today. We have had some big turnouts recently, but just five in group two and Chris headed off solo to find some fresh pie.

The municipalities have been out grading and in some cases adding gravel. Chalmers Forest was the most challenging for us today.

Lots of WCC green on today’s ride. The next picture was meant to show the new gravel. It didn’t really show it well, but was still an interesting perspective.

Nice to stay dry on this one with a nice tailwind to push us home! :grinning: Thanks Jim for leading us on this fine ride.

/Cc @KGale


And to add to Bill’s pictures here are a few I snapped along the way :slight_smile: Great ride all!

Notice the depth of the fresh gravel!

Much faster hard pack gravel!

The gravel train!

Riding the gravel gutter :slight_smile:

Break time!