Rec gravel recap for week of April 29, 2024

Although there were rec gravel rides much of the winter, the numbers were low. A beautiful Thursday evening brought out the biggest group of the year for a recreational gravel ride.

It was a quick pace with a moving average around 21 kph. Nobody was left behind. The warm temperature and no wind helped the pace, but so did the break we had in Hawksville as Scott repaired his flat.

As usual, Barb was ready with all the tools and supplies like tire levers and boot. :grinning:

There were some long shadows toward the end of the ride.

The Saturday group was smaller.

The ride was still very enjoyable. The pace a little easier at around 18 kph. Slowed down by a few extra stops such as checking out the bald eagle, local landmarks such as the covered bridge,

So many shades of green was as the trees began to leaf next to the sunny dandelions,

A not so nutritious break with whoopie pies from Lost Acres and other spring sightings,

It was fabulous to see so many new faces and to reacquaint with familiar faces. The experience is even better. Hopefully more new and familiar faces will join us.