Great Gravel Group Going Gangbusters

Excellent intermediate fast gravel ride tonight! It was good I arrived a little early tonight so I had a little time to chat at the beginning, because once we got rolling I was busy hanging on. It was nice to see a mix of new and familiar faces.

With eight riders, this was my biggest group ride this year. The group worked well together and it felt good to move along at a pace faster than I anticipate. Thanks for all the pulls. I think everyone took a turn pulling me around tonight :smiley:.

The weather was fabulous. Our very long shadows were interacting in interesting ways, the bright sun at our backs gave off an interesting glow, and by the time we were done we the bright moon was ducking in and out of some light clouds. I thought of @kevrideseverything when some construction on Boomer provided us a little adventure.

With a group this strong I donโ€™t have the time for any photos. @Sammy_Ryu, do you have any photos to share for this ride?


I have added some pictures of this fantastic gravel ride.
Perfect weather for end of summer evening ride.


Pictures taken from my smartphone.


man I need to get back to some WCC gravel ridesโ€™
it has been so long I cant even find event info or sign up sheet
Ill keep loking/trying

OK I found it now, hopefully make one in the next couple weeks

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Thanks for the awesome photos Sammy. We had a great group and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.


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