Place to help with running shoe fit?

So after hurting my ankle which I think relates to old running shoes, I’d like to get some new ones.

I don’t think I’m going to run much (just when I can’t cycle due to travel / work) so don’t want to spend a fortune but at the same time I don’t want to cause more injuries.

Normally, I would go to the Running Room and just get them to assess me. Is that still the best way to do it or is there somewhere better or more scientific I could go first? Don’t want to go overboard but willing to spend a bit of money on preventative steps.

We go to Runners Choice, they’ve been very helpful.

+1 for Runner’s Choice

Runners choice in uptown waterloo. Ask for Kevin Dennison. :grin:

Thanks for the feedback folks! Looks like I’m off to runners choice :smile:


So I popped into Runners choice this afternoon and they were super helpful and sorted me out with what seems to be a great choice of shoes. They even tried me on the sale shoes first. Thanks for the recommendations to go there, I recommend them too now :slightly_smiling_face: