New gravel shoe day

What makes Monday great? When your new gravel shoes arrive. :slight_smile: :partying_face:

Just what I need - wide fit and colourful.
Colour is always important when you want to keep up with Kevin and Taryn in the gravel and bikepacking scenes.

Now I’m looking forward to hitting the gravel again and hopefully one day hitting the gravel with other people.


Nice! I’ve heard Lake are pretty good for wide fit.

I find many manufacturers have "wide"shoes, but they always come in plan boring black.

I got lucky with timing on this colour. They were clearance and only 2 pairs left, one happened to be my size😁. Their current stock is all black with the colours “coming soon” which I assume means when they can get things from manufacturers in Asia again.

Whoa! Awesome colour! New shoe day is second only to new bike day.
I went classic black for the new Sidis. It was either that or white which doesn’t work for gravel shoes.
Too much of my kit tends towards basic black. I may be turning into the Johnny Cash of cycling.

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I have two types of shoes I use for spring/summer/fall gravel riding. One is a racing MTB shoe - carbon soles etc. The other is Pearl Izumi with full laces. It’s more like a hiking/walking shoe with SPD. Great for long rides/bikepacking. Not as stiff as the racing shoes but at my age, I’m no longer interested in speed. Comfort is more important for riding/walking/off bike/hike-a-bike!

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