AssaultRunner Pro

Does anybody know if any local fitness clubs have AssaultRunner Pro treadmill?
I would like to try it before making any investment decisions.

AssaultRunner Pro:


you may want to look at one of the crossfit clubs or F45. They are most prevalent in those clubs. I did use one years ago when I did crossfit. They take some getting used to, and I admit, Im not much of a runner any more. They are supposed to follow the natural gate of running and reduce impact.

Hi @davidcook,

Thanks for getting back to me. Here is a status update.

OrangeTheory called back and said that they do have self-propelled treadmills but not the curved ones.
I have yet to book an appointment to give it a go.

The only other place that might have it is Templ Fitness (based on Google photos). I have called them last night and left a voice message.

I have also called Treadmill Factory in Mississauga and they said they have one on display and that I am more than welcome to come over and give it a try. They also have Assault Runner Pro on sale at the moment.

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what about Fitness Depot? They do have a good range of treadmills

That is correct. They do have a number of conventional treadmills to choose from. I don’t believe they carry Assault Fitness line.

I do have an older (2015) Sole F63 model that does NOT have Bluetooth integration with Zwift. With the help of Zwift RunPod I can feed the information to Zwift and then subsequently to Strava, but it is not as accurate as when the treadmill sends it directly to Zwift.

Zwift has a list of compatible running hardware and Assault Runner Pro is one of the supported treadmills:

That is why I started looking into the benefits of curved self-propelled treadmills that won’t break a bank.

Hey @Alex_Bloom they have 4-5 of these at the YMCA here in Waterloo…the Harper branch (F-H and Laurelwood).

Fun watching people sprint on them. I tried it a couple times but decided not the type of running I wanted to do…and it felt weird. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @TommyB for letting me know. The funny thing is that I just came back from Treadmill Factory in Missiauga. They have one on display and I gave it a try. It took about 5 minutes to get used to the way it accelerates and decelerates, but so far I really like it. It certainly requires that you pay attention at all times. And it is much quieter than conventional motorized treadmills.

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