NEW RIDE coming up next week - Earlybirds Gravel Ride - Tuesdays 5:30 am from St Jacobs or SJAM

Description: Quite roads, stunning sunrises, kicking off your day/week in the best mood… or just prepping your legs for the evening Bamberg madness! We will meet at the St Jacobs Outlet Mall or SJAM parking lot at 5:30 am. This is a gravel/crossroad/city trails ride - rec/interm level but everyone welcome, so the pace will be dictated by the group and we can split into small groups if needed. We will ride for ~1.5h (30 to 45 km).

Keep an eye out for the post and signup link early next week. We’ll follow COVID protocols.

Notes (optional): Lights will be needed for the start of the ride.

Hope to see you there!


I am definitely interested in this ride. I have not been able to make any rides this year. What kind of pace are you looking at?

Hey Barbara,

This is a rec/int ride and I think it’s fair to say that for gravel rides the range is approximately:

  • Rec: up to 21 km/h
  • Int: 22 to 26 km/h
  • Fast: 27+ km/h

If you think you’re in the rec range, no worries, I’ll stay in the back of the group and make sure that everyone is having a good ride. Come join us!

If you think you’re in the fast range, not to worry either… But you might need to drag me around or wait for me in the intersections LOL.

This is a non-drop ride. We’ll regroup in the intersections or split the group in two (yeh, I’m really hopeful that we’ll see a “group” of earlybirds haha).


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Hi Felipe
I am sorry, but I misread the time. I am unable todo the ride at that time. I have to be at work at 7:30 on Tuesday. I would like to join a ride, but I am only at the rec level. Hopefully there will be other rides. Friday or weekend rides would work best for me at that time, otherwise it would have to be after work.
Thanks for getting back to me

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Oh noo… that’s fine Barbara, no problem.
We do have official gravel rides on Saturday at 8:30 am, usually int level.
I don’t mind leading a rec level ride sometimes if that works for members. We could start and finish earlier if needed (just need to double check with @kevrideseverything how flexible our starting time is to keep it official - I think it’s about 3 hours).