Wednesday gravel (or fatbikes?) - Poll

Hmm, this weather has been wild. I’m really not sure if an urban trial ride or country gravel ride will be best tomorrow.

  • above freezing today and yesterday, so trails will perhaps be soggy, or maybe just icy?
  • roads in the city seem quite dry, I’m wondering if gravel roads will be dry too?

who’s thinking of what:

  • urban adventure ride (studded tires likely needed, fat tires probably not required
  • classic gravel route

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I’m hoping to get out tonight and ride a little bit of trails and then catch some gravel nearby to help the decision making.

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I’d love to make it but family commitment.
I actually came on here today for just this reason. Wondering if gravel roads will be dry tomorrow afternoon for a ride.

Just got back from a recon ride. Cober and Vance (by the airport) were both kinda wet. A few spots ok, but getting decent spray on others.
Urban trails were snow covered. The snow was packed but getting soft. Was very challenging on 35 mm tires. No puddles though, whatever meltwater forming is just percolating down through the snowpack.

Definitely leaning toward urban adventure tomorrow. I think it could be a lot of fun.

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Temps look like they’re dropping fast after 5pm tomorrow, 0 by 6pm, -2, -3 for the rest of the evening, should be perfect for studded urban fatties, gonna be icy.