Tuesday Gravel Feedback Poll!

Okay, third Tuesday gravel ride in the bag and I must admit I have been loving it! Might have to think of some extra upgrades to the Aspero (but that is another thread!).

Anyhow I thought I would do some a poll to get some feedback from the riders to see if I’m going in the right direction:

Currently the route length is:

  • About the right distance
  • Could be a bit longer
  • Could be a bit shorter

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The ride speed is:

  • About right
  • A little fast for me, would prefer it a bit slower
  • A little slow, would like it a bit faster

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My preferred start time during the regular season is:

  • 5:30 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 6:30 pm

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My preferred start location for gravel rides is:

  • St Jacobs Outlet Mall
  • Laurel Heights Secondary School
  • Somewhere else

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If we have a larger group of mixed ability I would rather:

  • Have one group and keep it together at stop signs
  • Split the group at the start into faster and slower groups
  • Try and keep to one group and let the group split organically
  • Try and keep to one group and decide to split the group at a stop sign if it makes sense

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Adjusting start time, route and route length can have an impact on light levels.
As sunset gets earlier at the end of the season I would rather:

  • Start in the light, finish in the twilight
  • Start in the light, finish in the dark
  • Start in the twilight and finish in the dark
  • I don’t care about light, just want to ride!

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Super ride last night @Oliver_Smith

19 people…tells me you’re hitting the sweet for this particular group of G2/G3 riders who want a faster gravel ride. And it was FAST. Wonderfully fast. You needed to be able to hold ~35kph (on gravel/road) with stretches touching on 40kph for the first hour to hold on. And punch the hills with power and speed to not get dropped. The poll (11 so far) 100% say it was the right speed.

Fast from the start. The group averaged 37.8 kph on Durst where 4 people lost chains or water bottles and we all waited at the end to regroup.

Couple people were off the back on the rail trail around the 1hr mark. So, half a dozen of us broke off from the main group to wait and form a Group 2.

The split was interesting. 15 minutes after forming group 2, we rolled up to the main peloton who were waiting at a stop sign on Hackbart. They had let 5 of the fastest people go to allow those riders to maintain that high G2 speed. At that point, we reformed into a group of 14 fast G3 riders for the second half.

Better Descriptor might be…

Tuesday - FAST (G2/G3) - @Oliver_Smith

Wednesday - RACE (G1) - @KevRidesGravel

Wednesday - INTERMEDIATE (G4) - @JimDaley

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I’ve quite liked the Tuesday rides (couldn’t make last night, but rode the first two). It’s faster than I usually ride, but the format is pretty friendly and its nice to have a day to push without worrying about not being able to hang on. For me, it’s definitely a ‘stay in the group, don’t lose the wheel in front and take short pulls’ kinda pace. Somehow that pace is more ‘approachable’ on this gravel ride then I’ve previously found on road rides. I’m not sure why, but it’s a big plus for me for this ride.

I tried then riding my usualy intermediate on Wednesday, which feels doable. Hard, punchy on Tuesday and steady and a bit less intense on Wednesday. Not sure what I’ll do when the Wednesday gavel TT comes! But for a mostly-gravel rider like me, the Tuesday/Wednesday mix is working.

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