New Features? Would you like Live Chat?

What new features would you like to see as a resource for the WCC?

There are many options here and we are open to anything, just let us know and let’s talk about it.

One thing that we have specifically discussed is do WCC members have interest in some for of Live Chat room? This could be integrated into this site, or done in a separate way. There are lots of options.

I’m going to say simple is good. Discussions and events and categories and posting media.

A discussion is almost a live chat. And the live chat plugin we tried did not work well.

Sorry I thought I had replied to this. I would not enable chat functionality to start. We want the content in the forum itself to grow and to drive people to make posts.

Does the forum have a private messaging feature?

@ChrisP if you click on a users icon there is an option to send that user a private message.

There is also group messaging functionality. If you click on the hamburger for the menu at the top right then select groups. Pick the group you want and then you can send them a message – this is a functionality we will have to watch as it could be abused.

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Perfect, I thought there was but didn’t want to leave my reply to check. :slight_smile: I think that’s great to start.