User Interface Design for the Forum

Generically do you want to keep it simple or have it chock full of features?

Lots of Graphics or Text?

What are you going to use the most?

  • Quick access to the latest trending topics that people are chatting about?
  • Sequence things by date or by popularity

Do you want to see lots of categories so things are split up and you can decide what to watch or does that make the site too busy and we should have just a few catagories?

Should there be a generic catch all catagory such as “Lounge” or “Off-Topic”?

The bullet function seems to work in a strange way. I’m not sure exactly how it works but can we change it to work like most other bullets work e.g. bullet and then type text press enter and new bullet?

Also the privacy, guidelines etc buttons at the bottom of the page seem to be really small compared to everything else. I wonder if they are not scaling with resolution for some reason (I’m viewing this on a 4k screen!)

The Bullets are weird. I concur. Not sure if this can be changed.

Yeah, a bit different because posts are by default created in Markdown. I haven’t seen anything to change this behaviour.

I personally prefer the default behaviour of straight Markdown, but I do realize that other text editors continue lists by default. I think it’s more common with WYSIWIG text editors, for what it’s worth.