New to WCC - Current Rides section of forum?>


I’m totally new here (used to be a road cyclist at a rec level, got spooked by a near miss a few years ago so I turned to zwift, but now I want to get back outside more). So expect a few dumb questions here and there.

I received the latest WCC email this week, which told me to look out for the current rides section of the forum. But when I click through, I get a “this page doesn’t exist or is private” notice. Can some one help me with permissions so I can see that? Happy to chat by DM, too.


-Mid 40’s. Waterloo. Yes, those are mtb SPD’s on my roadbike.


Welcome Mike! Looking forward to riding with you.

Not sure who’s in charge of permissions on the forum. Maybe @KGale or @KevRidesGravel can lend a hand?

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Welcome! No dumb questions here - this is a great community that is willing to share knowledge and lots of laughs!

@tcauduro can you please review Mike’s permissions. It looks ok to me but tech is not my forte.

@steeleworthy you’ll want to keep an eye on the news letter and the announcements section of the forum as we get into May and host our Learn To Group Ride program.

Happy Riding!

Thanks for everything, all. @tcauduro, it may be that everything’s as it should be but I’m just a basic at this yet - happy to DM about it if I’m just looking in the wrong spot…

@KGale , the LTR is actually why I signed up with WCC - looking forward to it. Cheers.

Hi @steeleworthy. Your account should have the appropriate permissions now. Sorry about that. It looks like CCN added a column in their membership report that shifted all the values. Our automation isn’t clever enough to handle a change like that and wasn’t updating group memberships. Everything has been fixed up and running correctly again.



Thank you @tcauduro for taking care of that!

All, good, thanks! I also work with robots and know they can be finicky at times. :slight_smile: cheers.

Welcome. I was new to the club last year, and met lots of friendly people…

I’ve pretty much convinced my wife to sign up and do the learn to group rides this year.

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Hi Admins @tcauduro - I just joined and got the email approving forum access but am having the same problem as described above with accessing the current rides section. Hoping someone can take a look

@robh1234 You should be fixed up.

Looks like CCN changed their API structure up a bit. Membership scripts needed some tweaking, but are now working again.

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