Maybe no gravel this Tuesday

Hey folks,

Had a crash at the dusty nostril today so I’m off the bike for sometime. Hoping to find another ride leader to take this on but maybe not in time for Tuesday so likely this week will be off.



Wishing you a rapid recovery!

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That sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

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With a little help from @KevRidesGravel @JimDaley @DrewMolnar to post a route.

I can make announcements and get the ride going and make sure everyone gets back home.



Wind is forecast to be NE to E tomorrow afternoon.

Ha, so I poked in the library to see options, and like nearly every route heading east crosses Kissing bridge in West Montrose - it’s closed right?

So I took this route and changed it to go along the 86 for 1,500 m to get to Katherine street and then the G2G.

Also, the route has an easy shortcut at km 34, to cut it shorter if two groups form, or if folks just want a shorter route.

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And get it while you can. I’ve got routes in mind for Wednesday, but the weather is looking rainy.

oh crap, just noticed this route starts on Three bridges. Could start on King street, or the Health valley trail instead I guess.

I’ll get this route posted shortly.

I rode from Rim Park to Elora today and the West Montrose bridge was open again.
The fencing was laying beside the road, so I believe they are done their initial work.
Peter Roesler