LITD Tuesday 6PM Gravel Bikes

LITD Tuesday 6PM Gravel Bikes. Unofficial ride. Meet at St Jacob’s Market.

The pace is usually quite hard, the attitude is to make each other suffer and grow stronger together, “no pain no gain”, yet we wait for each other at intersections until the dropee begs us to leave them alone.

Bring lights, water, clothing adequate for night darkness and temps.


This is a long, hard ride. I’ve been thinking of starting up something similar, but for us who want something shorter and easier. If there’s interest, drop me a line!



Usually I can’t even beg to be dropped because I’m gasping for air and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you tomorrow night…at least for the first half of the ride.


Steve, what sort of distance and speed are you thinking of. We are still running the Wednesday Intermediate Gravel rides. I have been keeping them at 45 to 50km but the pace is in the 25kph range. If you are thinking shorter and slower for Tuesday I am interested.

@Steve…I’d be interested in a shorter easier evening ride


Is there a ride tonight?

I’ll ride with you if you’re game.

KK, I will be at the market at 6pm for a ride. Whatever the ride is :slight_smile: