Intermediate and fast gravel 14 Jun 2023

What a huge showing of members for this ride. There were at least 31. I’m glad I wasn’t one of those who had to keep track. That fell to @KevRidesGravel and @JimDaley. Thanks guys for organizing and leading tonight :blush:

The intermediate group gave the fast riders a five second head start. I caught a glimpse of the few that got caught at the first light, but they disappeared quickly too.

Here is the intermediates regrouping,

The skys looked at little threating at times, but we stayed dry. Thanks to @Adriel suggesting I should test my climbing now that I was back on a proper gavel bike, I found myself in the midst of the leading group. It was a lot of fun trying to hang on, but that meant no time for pictures on the second half of the ride. Thanks to everyone for making it such an awesome ride.


@bill what were the average speeds and what distance was the route?

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Yeah, that was a great evening. The setting sun was lovely.

I got a shot of everyone at the start, standing in the middle and spinning around. :laughing:


For everyone in the group that followed Kevin, be sure to clean your drivetrains ASAP, that was calcium chloride they were spraying on the road, just as corrosive as regular ol salt water.

@PattiDennison I was the slowest rider in the slowest group and averaged 24.8kph on the 47km route.

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Ok thanks. I had to ask. Looked like you had a great group.

I jumped between the slower and faster intermediate/short route groups and averaged 26.8 kph. Looking at folks who rode the whole distance in the faster-mediate group on Strava, it looked like they were at around ~28 kph. For me, the faster group kept me right around my ‘threshold’, meaning I was working, but could maintain the pace.

The fast/long group looked like they were in the 29 - 30 km/h range average.

The thing I love about these rides is they set the routes so they overlap a lot, and then there are often multiple groups, so it’s easy to run with a faster group for a while and if it feels too fast, to ease off an jump in with the next group. Or visa versa! Very fun rides!!


Thanks. Really good info.

I think the fast group (1A?) averaged just over 32kmh last night. I was 31.9kmh total including the ride to the start and home again for 77km. We had a smooth and strong group, it was great.

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1A was 32.8 average in pretty horrible winds looks like 1b was right around 31. If looking at last nights speeds as a guide I’d guess they would be a km/hr faster in nicer conditions

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I was pretty much the same as what Tony said in all aspects. That didn’t leave much in my legs for tonight’s ride. :open_mouth: