Lachlan Morten (EF Pro Cycling) Alt Tour (de France)

This is somewhere between bikepacking and racing…maybe it’s both.

Check out Lachlan Morten’s unsupported solo tour de France:
As their website reads:

EF Education-NIPPO rider Lachlan Morton is preparing to go back in time

Going back to the original days of the tour being a ride around France. This time with more gears, a carbon bike, and some bike bags, but no team bus :hushed:


And it’s a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief. He’s already had £140,948 donated, and the donation total went up £20,000 in just one day!

Breaking news Lachlan wins a tour de France.

In a recent announcement the UCI & race organizer ASO have decided to award the coveted yellow jersey to Lachlan Morton after his solo alt tour.
The UCI has also suggested it is looking into banning team buses and hotels for riders in future world tours.

“If Lachlan can do this without support, so can the rest of the peloton.” Stated a UCI spokesperson.
“Plus without 20 team buses, we can get even more sponsor vehicles in the caravan ahead of the race which will pay us big bucks…and we can afford nicer chalets in the alps where the annoying advocates for a women’s tour can’t find us.”

Our sources also heard UCI officials talking about how Lachlan’s bike did not “look” like a bicycle with all those bags attached and they are investigating to see if his set up was UCI legal.

Stay tuned for further developments


Great GCN video on this…