Tour de France discussion

Just checking this out now.

Although it looks like GCN+ does not have the Tour in Canada.

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Only way to watch The Tour in Canada is thru Flobikes… only LEGAL way that is. You could always just watch the recaps after the day’s stage is over… they are available on the Tour de France website daily.


Tiz Cycling usually puts up TdF stages illegally a few hours after each stage is finished. But, make sure your antivirus is up to date before visiting that site :wink:

Also, on Reddit, there’s a user by the name of u/HerHor who posts a series of video clips (usually in 10km chunks) on the r/Peloton subreddit a few hours after each stage is complete. Look for a message like [Results Thread] 2021 Tour de France - Stage 5


Turns out Tiz Cycling is running TdF coverage in real time. I’ve been able to watch the first two stages on both my cellphone and laptop. It takes some getting used to…there are different viewing options (1080p, 720p and 480p) but not all of them work each day. Some will get blocked for copyright right in the middle of a stage. I had to use the 480p version today, and would get random ads popping up from time to time that had to closed manually. I guess you get what you ‘pay’ for!

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Cool. I am at home tomorrow so may try and watch.

Working for me. Cool.

Thanks @bdoberst !

Nice having video on one screen and on the other for stats.

Wow! That was a lot of crashes

Wow! What a first stage!!

Spoilers below:


Well…at least the last 50km of it were stunning in the wrong ways.

First…a self absorbed idiot caused an horrific crash…

Once the peloton regrouped…another major crash split the pack with about 5km to go. While most of the favs made it through, many were caught (Woods, Froome to name a couple).

After all that…our velogames WCC league looks like this:

Hope tomorrow is a better day with no crashes. Hope that idiot with the sign is dealt with too.

I could not believe that crash … when I saw Tony Martin’s head hit the ground, I thought there was no way he was getting back on the bike… yet he finished. Then to see Marc Soler cross the line dead last… and hear he finished with TWO broken elbows… It really boggles the mind what these folks go thru. I also can’t understand what these “spectators” are thinking by crowding the road so much. I think the UCI needs to put in stiff penalties to spectators that insert themselves into the race. (yeah, that’s not going to happen… sock heights need to be banned. :frowning: :open_mouth:
Definitely was an exciting last hour though… albeit in the absolute wrong way. Roll safe tomorrow boys!

Am I watching the Tour de France or the Huner Games? Absolute carnage out there. Might see Greipel top 10 the GC at this point :laughing:

Favourite moment of today was watching MVDP in yellow leading out for Merlier.

1.5 km to go he hits the front and totally gets a gap on a corner just 'case he’s that good. After the corner he looks back, like “where did everyone go?”


Stage 4

Caught at the end. I was hoping he would make it, but pretty sure there was no chance.

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As a big Cavendish fan…I was cheering for Lotto Soudal guy the whole way…but it was sweet watching Cav sprint to the win!

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What year is this? Cav winning the sprint again!?


There are five riders in this year’s Tour that were also racing in the 2008 Tour…without googling…who are they?




Stage 7… :exploding_head:

Wasn’t that amazing… and hard!!! 240+ km stage - with all the climbing at the end. WOW!! Awesome to see that size breakaway, too. Big mistake by the peloton letting that group get away.
WvA and MvDP - such exciting riders that give it their all, so great to watch. This first week already has more action than some full tours. FANtastic!!

I think we were ALL hoping he would - I watched that last 10 km to finish four times now and get chills each time. What a fantastic race!


I am shocked no one has kept up with Pogacar. Surprised how far he is ahead of the other GC contenders.
Hopefully someone can step up in the coming daysNot sure what happened, I just tuned in at the end when he was doing the final uphill

Unless he gets caught in a cross wind, it’s going to hard to catch him. Even with 2 weeks left, I’m not sure any riders are healthy and as strong in the mountains