Velogames Tour de France WCC mini-league created

It’s time to pick your team and compete virtually against other WCCers!

As before, the process is straightforward:

  1. Login to Velogame 2023:
  2. Pick your team (9 team members totaling no more than 100 points)
  3. Link your team to the WCC mini-league using the “WCC TdFrance” league code 905692412

There doesn’t appear to be a button for trash talk?

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Oh you can use this forum for that :rofl:

Note that you can also create a team for the Giro Donne and use the same mini league code to compete against other WCC-ers with a Giro Donne team. (mini league code: 905692412)

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I should be picking lottery numbers this week with this luck!


Yes! 414 out of >30,000 entrants is amazing. I think it’s related to your prophetic team name :laughing:

I should mention my wife is currently 292 out of >30,000 entrants…and she selected her team based on a few riders she recognized when she half listens to me talk about the Tour…or if somebody had a cool sounding name (e.g. Jai Hindley). :man_shrugging:

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Ha ha, fantastic! It’s time to buy

Ha! And have her pick numbers based on numbers i may have mentioned or that sound cool? :rofl:

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…

I personally like the sound of ‘thirty seven’ but that’s just me.

Thinking out loud about future team selection-

Velogames gives out a lot of points for stage results. You get points if a rider finishes in the top 20 (

As a sprinter, you’re almost always guaranteed to finish in the top 20. Even if you don’t win, you’re one of the first to finish during a sprint stage. Not the case for GC riders. A GC contender might win 1 or 2 stages and often finish outside the top 20 (even in hilly/mountain stages).

Of course, there are points available for GC position as well. So there is a balance to be found. But it makes sense to fill all your open spots with sprinters?