Ethan Powell World Championships 2023 Go FundMe

Not sure if this has been brought up already - but saw local kwca racer Ethan Powell has a go fund me to help him with this years World Cycling Championships. As detailed in one of the WCC emails - he recently won the Canadian National Juniors in the Road Race - so he’s the Jr National Champ (as well as Track as i read) (which also surprises me that funding isn’t somehow fully funded by cycling canada)

I don’t know him well, just met him last month hanging out at the neighbors (Goertz fam), but seems like a great kid with a great cycling future ( and a ultra cool bike in the new Madone), so figured i’d help spread the word.


Thanks for spreading the word. Made a donation. Can’t wait to cheer him on at worlds.

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Ethan is racing this week in the Tour of Abitibi riding as a member of Team Canada. Today he won the first stage and is currently wearing the leaders jersey and holding 2 other jerseys in the points and climbing competitions.

For those interested in watching the stages are streamed here:


Agree - thanks for spreading the word about Ethan’s Go Fund me page. It is wonderful to see young Junior local cycling racers make their mark on the National and International stage. He has an incredible future ahead of him. Just witnessing the historic Tour de France stage win by Michael Woods in 2023 and Hugo Hule in 2022 for Canada…someday we may all be sitting down at a patio watching our local boy Ethan at this level. How cool would that be !! It’s an incredibly expensive sport so any help local WCC riders can give would be welcomed I’m sure by Ethan and his family;
Go Ethan !!

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He is having an incredible year, super strong rider. Thanks for sharing the link, will donate.

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As a follow up to this, Ethan has been in Cali Columbia this week at the track world championships and Ethan was able to follow up a bronze in the team pursuit with a gold in the points race making him world champion!

Ethan raced an incredible race and lapped the field 2 times to earn him 53 points.

The races are broadcast live on YouTube on the UCI channel.