Intermediate Saturday May 29 somewhat flyby

Intermediate length. If you ride to Rim park, add more KMs. Loops around Fergus, back to Elora Mews for coffee. Back thru Ariss to get the full benefit of the wind at your back.

Starts at RIM

If you chose to use the Cottontail Rd Trail (crushed stone), go SW past the Casino then turn left across from the Elora Conservation, it saves being on Wellington Cty#7. It’s only crushed stone.

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Hi Brian

I recommend cutting west in West Montrose to go through the covered bridge and then taking Middlebrook north all the way to Elora…to join back up with your route.

Much less traffic than Katherine and also one of the best roads in our area…and also freshly paved.

Cheers and see you out there!

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Excellent idea. More better. I will modify it sir.


Hell of a headwind today…even the crosswinds were challenging!

Took a slight detour going from Elora to Fergus by taking the Tressel bridge trail to try and hide from the wind a bit.

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@Brian thanks for posting the Elora/Fergus road ride. @TommyB great suggestion to use Middlebrook Road!!

And yes, the wind was howling - and I was out late afternoon when the wind was down a little.