Saturday Intermediate Road Review 2024

A new ride season is here. Warm weather is back. Old friends return to Saturday Road rides. New destination rides are in the works. New friends are made weekly. LTGR grads move up to try the Intermediate crowd. More photos to swipe through. So for the author it began today.
May 18 2024
Forecasted winds were light or none, so they said. The standard route to Fergus was selected from RidewithGPS, not too long for a first of the season ride for some. Soo we started with 17! riders. What a start.

A threat to split this large group may have put everyone in a better mood to play nice together. And we all did. Good pace, very few break ups. It was a good group.

A visitor from a Toronto club joined us and fitted right in. We got to Fergus in good time, turned down South River Road to Elora. Such a nice road.

We stopped at the Elora Mews for coffee and a break.

Break time ended, off to Middlebrook through the back streets of Elora. No breakaways were attempted today. Just a nice brisk pace.
Finished back at RIM park, refreshments were available and a nice debriefing session ensued. What a nice ride today.


June 1. Sobey’s to Drumbo via Wolverton or as I call it Wollarton then back to New Hamburg, Philipsburg and home. It was forecasted to be a cool start but 18C wasn’t that cool. Some may have overdress (me).

Good size group again today even though the route was over 90KMs. Started with 14 riders but we picked up a wayward G3 along the way. NP! Riders drove here from Mitchell and Paris. Word is spreading.

G3 passed us going into New Dundee

They seem friendly enough.
Headed down Blenheim Road and started up the Wolverton Climb. I think this short steep climb surprised a few riders.
Water break at the Drumbo Esso station.

Off to New Hamburg then riding over the rolling hills to Bright and beyond.
The bridge that was replaced last year on Bridge St. was under repair! so that road is closed east of Tye Road for now. Hmmm
Roads were in good shape and traffic was civil today.

We rolled into New Hamburg to visit the new bakery and cafe this spring.

Espressos. Pastries. Tarts hot from their oven!! Mmmmmm. Berliners and rice cakes were also a good choice.

We left Hamburg out the back way up to Philipsburg and home via Wilby. Refreshments at the end, the usual watermelon and freezies. Debriefing and a good chat followed. Some G3 riders smelled the freezies and joined us. It was a good day. Good group. Until the next ride, yes?


Morning Coffee Run to Balzacs. June8.

Big group this morning. 21. A few new riders for this year. Welcome to all. Reasonable route to Stratford, but that wind in our face! We needed to stay together and as a smaller group we did that.
A little slower going out.

The first group was long gone but G3 caught up with us
G3 passing us by

We rolled into Stratford cruising down Lakeside Dr. past the Festival Theatre. Found Balzacs

20 minute stop and we’re ready to head back.

Wind at our back it was a quick ride east down those smooth Perth County roads to Waterloo.

Uneventful ride home. Traffic again was polite.

Remnants of post ride water and sugar snack
Good morning ride. Good group ride. Again please


June 15 Ride report
The forecast called for light winds from the north changing to NNW by noon, so we headed off to the NW.

It was cool at the start and we had another large group again, 24 riders in total. Jeff and Mario took the first group of 12 out, while Brian took the second group of 12. No issues in this first half of the ride, and the second group set a brisk pace, meeting the first group at Country Sisters. Chatter was light, and so was the wind.

Drivers were mostly respectful except for one SUV driver who thought he owned the lane!

Fed and watered, we left Country Sisters and headed south after Jeff’s group left. The pavement was smooth, the pace was brisk, and then the mood changed instantly. Two riders had a touch of wheels which is unrecoverable - 1 rider went down followed by 4 more to the sound of crashing carbon and shocked screams. Thankfully, no cars were behind us or were oncoming…so very thankful. The downed riders were systematically assessed, bikes were made rideable again, and we continued in a much more sombre mood and at a slower pace. Surprisingly, the bodies were still willing…adrenaline was involved here I’m sure. The group split into 2.

But this was not to be our day. HessenStrasse rd is well known for its wide cracks in the pavement that run parallel to the riding direction. The township periodically fills those in with tar to make the cracks marginally better, but there are still many, many deep cracks which can grab bike wheels. Single file riding makes the danger worse if you stay tight to the right where all the cracks are. And cracks near the shoulder, in the shade, are even worse. Unfortunately, another rider went down after hitting one of these cracks, but after dusting himself off he continued with some post-crash skin donation and bodily fluid ‘leakage’.

What a morning.
By the time we got back to Sobey’s, Jeff’s group had left, so we had all the watermelon to our selves. After a parking lot debrief, we went home to lick our wounds, mental or physical, and to plan our ride next Saturday. Get back on the horse…


  • Do not overlap wheels
  • Before moving off the front, talk to your partner, look back for approaching cars, signal your intent to go, do not slow down (if anything accelerate off the front slightly), drop back relatively quickly while staying close to the paceline, do not cross the yellow line, proceed to the rear promptly, wave the following riders through.
  • Do not over fatigue yourself before you pull off the front. Better to take a short pull than it is to gas yourself and then make abrupt, ‘fatigued’ moves.
  • Be vigilant: your safety is also your fellow rider’s safety
  • Point out pavement issues when safe, otherwise call it out. Do not assume the riders behind you can see what you are seeing.
  • Your safety and control is more important than vehicles behind you and their inconvenience.