** Unofficial** Rec Ride Sunday Nov 6th

Date: Nov 6th, 2022
Start Time: 1:30 pm
Estimated Finish Time: 4:00 pm
Discipline: Road
Culture: Recreational
Approximate Distance: 72 km
Start Location: RIM Park
Route: Fergus Loop

The ladies had talked about riding to Fergus so let’s try that. It will be fairly windy with the wind diminishing over the afternoon so we will use the strong tailwind going out but ride into a bit less wind on the way back. Its mostly downhill on the way back anyhow :wink:

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I got a chance to go out for a ride Friday afternoon with similar wind conditions as is forecasted for Sunday. It was fine. The gusts are definitely felt and riding into the wind takes more energy but it was still very nice. Riding in a group will make it that much easier so, if you were on the fence because of the forecasted winds, join us for a lovely afternoon ride.

I really do not want to miss todays ride, but I have a trouble with my shift wire. I have to bring in my bike to shop.Rei

What’s the issue? Most mechanical shifting issues are fairly simple to fix with a few hand tools. There is a good chance I could make an adjustment/fix it before we leave and that will save you the trip to the shop and you’ll be able to ride today.

I noticed that the rear gear does not go in to the top gear. I watched some YouTube video to fix the problem. I loosened the shift wire, now cannot put it back.

Can I meet you at RIM Park a bit earlier? Could you take a look at my bike?

Absolutely :+1:

Thank you so much! I will be there 1:10

Lovely ride.


Thank you for sharing the photos! That was a great ride😊