Interest in a Bike packing Adventure to Wildwood Conservation Area

Calling all Bike & Camp Adventurers!

I am gauging interest in a weekend Bike packing adventure to Wildwood Conservation Area in July (looking at July 12-14 but open to other dates). I have been before and its a really lovely area.

Plan would be to arrive on the Friday afternoon/evening, setup camp and talk cycling stories around a campfire. There are group campsites available at Wildwood (we would sleep in our own tents but there is a pavilion/shelter area we could have access to). Saturday we could ride the Wildwood 25 km Lake Trail in the AM, and ride to St. Mary’s area in the PM (or some plans similar to this - there is lots to see in the area). Sunday we could do another tour of the Lake, then pack up and back home Sunday afternoon.

Are you interested in this experience? What questions/concerns do you have?

I have not yet booked anything so please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

Here is a link to learn more: Trails | wildwood (


Sounds like fun!

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I would be interested. I am new to the club. Just recently signed up and have not been on any rides yet.

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awesome - let me know if you have any questions.

I’ve thought about this before but more as a single overnight!

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I would be interested in doing a group trip but that weekend doesn’t work.

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I’m interested in trying bike packing this year and a group trip sounds great to me. I’m pretty flexible in dates right now.

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I’m interested in this as well! Those dates work for me but I’m flexible with other dates too :slight_smile:

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that would definitely also work!

Thats ok - we can find a time that works for more of us! Im hoping for 6-12 ppl to join. How would the weekend of June 15-16 work? Or July 6-7? Or August 10-11?

I’m also interested in doing something like this. All those weekends should be good for me.

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@emily.lloyd unfortunately none of those weekends work either. It looks like you are getting positive interest in the weekend you have proposed so I would say stick with that. I am looking at doing something in late June, the weekend of July 27, 28, possibly August 24, 25 and doing a 7-10 day excursion right after labor day. Still working on details but this is the route I have in mind if anyone wanted to do part or all.

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Hi. I most likely can attend any of those dates, but will see once a date is selected.
Like I ssid I am new to WCC, but look forward to meeting many of you.
Trying to navigate to even find out where rides are posted…I know will figure it out eventually by the time weather gets nicer

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Also should say my name is Wendy.
I did not know when picked a user name it would be attached to these communications…Lol


sounds like an awesome trip Jim! Hope you enjoy!

Great to e-meet you Wendy!

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Hi All, great to see there are about 6 ppl interested!

Looks like Wildwood is filling up incredibly fast this year! The only weekend I could find a group campsite available is July 5-7 (we need to book for 2 nights at $350 per night at this time). I’m reaching out to see about additional funding. Let me know if you would be interested in the July 5-6 dates and I will keep you posted!

Yes, I am still interested and available those dates.

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Hi. No questions right now. Sounds like will be great adventure. Let me know when and how you beed funds.
Hopefully will meet you in person soon.
I am still trying to navigate site.
Are regular rides posted on the forum…or ride with gps WCC.
I signed my name there for a Women’s hill event…but no date?

Wendy, all rides are posted in the forum. The ride title will generally tell you the type of ride ( ie road, gravel), the culture (recreational, intermediate, fast), the time and location. Anticipated average speed will usually be included in the notes.