Canada Day BT700

Hi all!

While I wasn’t planning to hit the BT700 this year, the stars have aligned and I have thursday AND friday off for Canada Day. I’m thinking this makes a stab at the BT700 possible! I’m looking for anyone who might be interested in joining me for the trip?

I’m thinking we leave wednesday and aim for ~100km or so that night, and then do the remainder over the next four days, hopefully home for sunday evening. I might cut down the route just a bit via the recommended detours to make it doable at a comfortable pace.

Let me know if you’re interested! :slight_smile:


ya, i would be into this. i may need some gear coaching before we start. I have gear, just haven’t put it all together on a ride. maybe you can reach out via email or text.

Excellent! I’ll wait just a few more days and see if there’s any other interested folks, then I’ll reach out :slight_smile:

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Cool - I’m actually headed out over the same time frame, but gearing up to do it backwards and likely over 4 and a bit days too :slight_smile:

I’ve been cleaning up the route a bit as the reverse function of ridewithgps doesn’t really like off road trails :slight_smile: - BT700 Backwards 2021 Route - A bike ride in Township of Woolwich, Ontario
(I also know I’ll have no patience for the loopy single track after Mildmay on the way home :stuck_out_tongue: )


Nice! Perhaps we’ll see you along the route :slight_smile: we are considering cancelling due to the rain, though. we shall see!

I’ve seen that … but weather forecasts, particularly long-range have been so inaccurate the last year or so that my advice is to ignore :slight_smile: … Also heat and rain are both issues to be prepared for and each has pros and cons :slight_smile:

When its that warm and wet out, riding on gravel/trails is pretty comfortable … though the bike takes a beating with all the added dirt :slight_smile:

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Does seem like they keep on improving the forecast for the Canada day weekend. Will be interesting to see if other decide to get out on the route. Just maybe a bit muddier than it was during the dry spell.

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