Inserting emojis

Does anyone else have trouble adding emojis with the emoji tool? When I use it, I just get two colons like so: " ::". I can, however, insert emojis by copying them over like so ā€œ:rofl:ā€.

It does not always work well on phones :crazy_face: but that is likely a keyboard :phone: issue.

One trick I have found :tada: is you can type a colon then start typing a letter :abc: and it will auto suggest :one: :two: :three: options.

So generally works for me :fireworks:

There are also some custom emoji that I created

:time_trial_bike: :bike_wrenching: :bike_group: :bike_girl: :mountain_bike:


So Iā€™m having trouble on my laptop using the drop-down tool in the toolbar. When I type a colon, I do get the suggestions as a drop-down inline with the text.