Mobile Apps to use Discourse

I found an app for iPhone to use the discourse forum - it’s called FIG

For iPad it looks like discourse has an app Discourse Hub: ‎Discourse Hub on the App Store

@tcauduro, Steven mentioned you are using an iPhone app too, are these the same ones you have or do you have different apps?

Android people, I don’t have an android device but I found Discourse Hub on google play store:
@Steven_Stillaway correct me if I’m wrong for the android app.

I use Discourse Hub on my iPad, it works really well.

I also use Fig on my iPhone. It’s slick, but it does have a drawback. I can’t open private messages in the app, it opens them in Safari instead. Not a big deal, and I still use it, but just something to consider.

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Discourse Hub downloaded and working great on my iPhone. Found I had to enter the full to find the site once downloaded.

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For Android when you go to the webpage of the forum it asks if you want to Download the forum to your phone.

This just saves an link to an embedded version that runs on Android. It uses Chrome but as it own independent app.

It works really well much better then the Discourse hub.

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