Video insertion

Hello Steven
How can I upload a 6 second video?

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So on my phone it is just hit the upload button choose files and select the video.

However there is a maximum file size of 4MB

It says Sorry only JPEG etc files accepted. No video files allowed whether it’s the website or IOS app.

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Testing video upload

Works on my phone.

I had to use an app to compress the size of the video.

Might be a permissions issue. I have permissions to do everything. Will look.

What is the extension of the video you are uploading?

That is the only thing I can see. There is a list of allowable extensions.

Mp4. Iiiiiiii

My video is an MP4.

Jason had a problem like this with his Sun Life work computer and phone. They blocked uploads to our site.

If you upload the video to YouTube or Google G-drive you can add a link to your post. Put the link on a separate line and it will automatically display.

Other than that not sure what the problem is. Could be some anti-virus security software or setting.

We don’t have an SSL certificate for the site. Don’t want to pay for that and go through the process required to get one.

Your security settings may block uploads to sites without SSL as being insecure.

We shouldn’t really be hosting video in the first place. There are enough free video hosting platforms out there. A quick google search will provide you with many options, then you can simply link your video in a post.

It was just a small video clip of the storm from Saturday I wanted to insert into the review

I usually use youtube and share that way, they usually are playable through the player. You can also record shorts on youtube for these under 30 second clips.

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