Hill climb challenge

This hill is near my brothers farm. It is 900m with a total of 273 vertical meters. Average slope of 13.75 degrees with the stepest section at 17 degrees.
Tried it this weekend. Being I am fat and out of shape and had 6 beers the night before i was pleased to make it to the 775m point and ran the final 125m. Hit some loose gravel and spum my rear wheel. According to Strava I had the 6th best time. But I think thats because only 6 people have recored the climb! There is actually a local bike clib who does a yearly challenge.

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Where is it

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Just outside aa town called Burnley. Near Pigon Lake. About half way between Colburg and Peterborough


As much as i love a challenge, google maps says this hill is located 13 hours away by bike. Looks fun tho

Lol. Its 2 hours. Strava it is known as the Burnley Blast

According to your photos, I think this is the segment you’re thinking of …

This is google maps looking up the hill:

Looks like it was a part of this years Reggie Ramble…


Yes that is it. The stava is not accurate on the slope. The section of hill is unmaintained from the bridge to the top of the hill. A farmer who lives half way up does the work on the hill with his tractor. When he saw me making my attempt he came out to watch and offered me some cold water. There are huge ruts he has tried to fill but heavy rains wash them out and all the gravel pilles up. He also tried to put some concrete down which actually made it worse.

just realized you said 13 hour “BIKE”. Yes it would be about that. It would
be fun if they could close the 407 for a day and let people ride it!