Wednesday Gravel Recap for August 30, 2023

What a fabulous turnout for a cool evening with a stiff wind. There were at at least 30 riders,

It was amusing to hear @VikramSubramanian volunteering to lead an ultra-fast group. Definitely not for me.

There were lots of groups to choose from. The latter portion of riders kept together until Elmira,

Then we further split into two groups. We were passed by the ultra fast group just before this beautiful sunset photo,

Riding down Three Bridges we had super blue moon on left,

Sunset on the right,

And smell of fresh baked :pie: filling our noses. Bonus shot of the moon since it was so cool.

Like my last follow up post, the actual ride was even better than could be captured. Thanks everyone for the great experience!


Great photos and summary. Thanks for sharing. Great night capped off with that super moon


What a cool moon it was! I feel so lucky to have seen it the way we did. Silhouetting farms and over the river off of Three Bridges.