Gravel TT & CX Practice Starting

Apologies - I missed these 2 rides in the newsletter this week.

Looking forward to another Gravel TT Wednesday Sept 6th. The course is 12.1 km, and completely gravel. It’s a counterclockwise loop with no stop signs (just one yield sign). The plan is to ride at an easy pace from St. Jacobs’ to the start of the course. Then it’s a pretty casual “self-serve” TT. We’ll go in approximately 20 second intervals or so, recording will just be on your GPS device.

If you’re not interested in the time trial, this can still be a nice group ride. It’ll be 18 km to the start, then if a group wants to head out and head down the G2G for maybe 5 km then come back, that works too. Or ride the course backwards and look at all the suffering going the other way. Alternatively you can carry on and follow the return route.

First week of CX Skills this Thursday, Sept 7th. This is for anyone in the club that’s looking to improve their bike handling skills and learn something new. For the veterans, you can never have enough practice.

We’ll have a mini course setup in the grass next to the school. Through the evening we’ll cover dismounts, remounts, cornering, shouldering and we’ll get in some short but hard efforts not to mention plenty of chatting and catching up.

Come have some fun in the park!