Gravel time trial date? - POLL

As we’ve been doing th egravel time trial on the third Wednesday of the month, that means it should be coming up this week.

Tow things though:

  1. our local gravel race, Dusty Nostril is this upcoming Sunday.
  2. turnout was a bit low last time - perhaps once a month is too much? (I mean, we had good overall turnout to the ride, so maybe it’s just a lot of fun to do the ride over to the TT, then cheer/heckle those riders that do the time trial?)

I’m going to suggest either moving it to August 23rd, or perhaps we just do the next one sometime in September, maybe the 6th?

  • I’ve been structuring my entire season around the mid-week August 16th gravel TT, don’t move it!
  • I like the TT and want to do it August 23rd.
  • Push it to Spetember 6th, and I’ll likely do it
  • Totally oversaturated with the gravel TT, maybe next one can be spring 2024?

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I vote next week as we’re having our road TT this Wednesday (September 6th works too) :slight_smile:

September 6th looks like the winner. Also, @ChrisP no conflict since the road TT is now getting pushed to the 24th.