Gravel ride north west of Waterloo

Hey there.
So I decided to jump on my bike today. I could have done anything . Gym, hot yoga, pickleball, watch the boob-tube, sleep, eat … BUT I chose my little gravel bike.

Then I saw a ride on the WCC ride with gps site and it looked interesting, challenging and current. It was 55.8 km but from my place it would have been closer to 70 km for me.

This is my first fall riding outside and I tried to plan my clothing appropriately. My clothing choice wasn’t perfect, but the day was amazing. I ended up modifying the ride as I felt tired. I haven’t been out since Oct 5th.

Anyway, this is my variation …. It ended up showing as just over 50 km on my bike computer.

And some pic’s. I will say, that I do like to ride in a group rather than alone. lol


Good ride Patti. That looks like you hit a stretch of very fresh gravel. Do you recall which road it was?

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Yes, the tractor was turning it up while I went through it. I’m pretty sure it was on Boomer. And Temperance


Thanks. Good to know. We have both on our routes tomorrow night. Hopefully they are packed down a bit by then.

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The fresh gravel was a bit tricky. The weather looks dry for you tomorrow. I hope Thursday night ends up being dry too.

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