Full - Spring Training 2024 - Portugal

The weather has turned, but before you pull out your trainer here is something to look forward to

  • Simply find a roundtrip flight to Lisbon, Portugal. Currently I am deciding on a week/8 days between March 10 and 24. Currently Air Canada is $832 for March 14-22.
  • Rental car is optional but recommended
  • Intended for Group 1 and 2 riders, if there is large interest for a more recreational pace I may offer another date.

Please feel free to ask any question, i am more than happy to answer and add info to the document. I intend to run these every year.

Full Info Here:

This is NOT a WCC event/insured or promoted by WCC


Just to add as I have been asked. There is no commitment at this time. This is posted so people can potentially plan ahead.

Riders who inform me they are interested will get priority once I confirm the dates.

Also there may potentially be a group 3/4 trip a little later in the year as I have been told there may be interest.


Very nice! I’ll chat with Lorie :slight_smile:

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Moved to ‘Ride’ forum, as lounge/off topic did not seem like the right place

I looked into some flights today. Note departures from Toronto are always evening/night you arrive the following morning.
Air Canada Direct:
Feb 25 (Sun) - Mar 6 (Wed) - $620
March 8 (Fri) - March 17 (Sun) $1680+ and climbing March Break
March 17(Sun) - March 27 (Wed) - $880 (These date will fluctuate 750-900)

Let me know you thoughts
@AlexV @AngQuick
@ChrisP @Lcochrane

The March 17-27 actually works best for me in terms of work and $$$. I hate it when airlines are out to scam you

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I’d be good with any of those dates!

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My preference would be to stay away from March break. End of March sounds better for weather also. That would be my vote.

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:eyes: :eyes:. Sounds awesome. It’s going to take a Russian sized psyop but if I can make it I’d be more than happy to join you.

Air Canada flight info:
Add $50 x2 for your bike (you will call and add this later)
It looks like we have a decent window for flights indicated by the green box.

The Yellow boxes have a layover return (~2hrs somewhere, maybe Montreal)
Thus if you need to get back before the week begins you have options for the same price.

Also maybe something to look into for some… Save a bit on the flight and free checked bags…

It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to swing it this year but thanks for pulling this together!

Hi all,

These are the flights I have decided on, you can book your flight at any time. If you are holding out for the price to drop (it may), but don’t wait past the 3 month mark, you may regret waiting…
Air Canada
These are the direct flight options
March 17 9:50PM
March 27 11:00AM

My flight is booked. Same as Chad. Sweet!!

Flight is booked. Same flight as Chad + Luke

booked. @AngQuick and I are looking forward to riding with everyone

Event is Full - Thanks everyone for the interest we have 8 riders attending!

For some reason I can not change the name of the post to show this is full.

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Fixed that for you @Chad :slight_smile: