First Road O-Cup: Mosport Classic

Hi all,

First road O-Cup of the year is this Friday at Canadian Tire Motorsports park.

It’s an amazing course on the road racing circuit and a great safe environment to try out road racing.

You won’t need an expensive UCI license this year as they have a specific provincial race license which will help bring down costs.

Reg ends tomorrow night at midnight!


I’m soo stuck on the fence on this one. It’s a great course and super fun, but I’m pretty stoked for Hell Of The North 2 days later, so a double header seems like such a bad idea… :slightly_frowning_face:

Make it a stage race?


ha ha @mbuckaway that’s slightly tempting. The last straw for me was when I read the tech guide and saw the M3 start at like 8:30, and then mapped the drive to see it’s nearly 2 hours…

Probably still a no. I just registered a long gravel club ride for Good Friday and I’m thinking about routes, you know; “hey look, a trail!”


Go faster. Get into M2.

I feel your pain. I have to be at Mosport for 7:30am. Not sure why I signed up to officiate that race…although it will pay for the gas for the Ford Bronco I have for the weekend.


Kevin based on how your rode last Thursday you should mow through the M3 field.

Friday morning to Sunday gives lots of recovery and it’s a short race. :slight_smile:

Just saw the facebook post for the race organizer, 38-ish in M3 right now. Ha ha, I’m starting to change my mind back to racing it again. Also weather looks decent.


Thanks for posting Chris. I though reg closed already. It’s nice to see reg staying open until just before the race.

@kevrideseverything looks like you’ll have appropriate weather for HOTN.

Sounds like a nice intro to the sport. I’m signing up tonight!


What the profile?

{edit} Never Mind.

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@kevrideseverything I agree with @ChrisP you should go, you are in the best form I have seen you in.


Well, looks like it’s a stage race for me. I wonder if I’m the only one actually in both stages? :thinking:

slightly spolier-y meme (Amstel Gold)



Sounds fun!

Awesome see you there!

Ha!! Solid meme @kevrideseverything

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Matthews going in Elite 4, and I registered in Master 3 (hahahaha gonna get whipped!)

Raced at Mosport many times before… in cars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Will be an experience i’m told (and guessed), but excited to turn some laps nonetheless !

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Going to be a tad breezy tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow…have fun and challenge yourselves


Just reading the rules in the tech doc. Says I am required to wear a team jersey, I don’t have a wcc jersey… yet. Is that going to be a problem? Also what’s this about spare wheels!? I was planning on showing up and praying for no flats.

@jmaloney they’re usually not really picky about that stuff. I’d say wear a reasonable plain jersey and you’ll be fine. I mean if you were racing for say, midweek, and had Bateman’s kit on or something like that they might say something.

As far as spare wheels - yeah I typically don’t bring any - my base assumption is that if I flat my race is over.

Interestingly, I see the race organizer sent an email today saying they would allow a free lap for crashes or punctures. So I guess if you do have spare wheels, bring 'em along.

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