2022 clothing store is ready - fit nights March 29th and 31st

The 2022 clothing order is ready to go!
Just like the prior few years, we’re using Garneau as our supplier, with an online portal set up for shopping. Once the order window closes, the items go into production, and the individual orders are bundled together, with everything going to Adventure Guide for pickup.

Store can be found here:

If you’ve ordered in the past, you can log in with the same username, and you’ll be able to your past order history if you need help remembering what styles or sizes you got.

Most items are the same as last year. We have added the Superlight Vest and Superlight Jacket to the store for this year. (I personally have both pieces in Faction kit and love them - I’m looking forward to having them in club colours.)

Fit Nights:
Fit nights are also back this year. We’re getting a fit kit with all the sizes of the pieces in the store sent to Adventure guide.

The plan right now is for 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM Tuesday March 29th, and Thursday March 31st. I’m also thinking maybe one more night the following week, perhaps the Monday. (If anyone wants to go to fit night but those dates really don’t’ work, PM me and we’ll figure something out.)

If you’ve never ordered before, going to a fit night is highly recommended. Below are some fit notes on each piece, however:

Course Speed Jersey: the course speed Jersey was known as the Mondo jersey in previous years. This is the top-tier jersey, meant to be worn very close to the body, with a compressive fit. Many members find they prefer to size up the jersey one size.

Pacer Jersey: The pacer jersey was known as the Slick jersey in previous years. For the past 3 years, this has been the top seller in the club. The fit is standard for cycling apparel, so not quite as form-fitting as the Course Speed.

Tour Jersey: The tour jersey keeps the same name as before, and has the same excellent value. The fit is standard, with perhaps a touch more space than the pacer.

Pacer Bib: The pacer bib was formerly known as the Lazer bib. They have a lazer cut silicone gripper band, and have the 4.1 motion chamois.

Tour bib: The tour bib returns as well, with a fold over hem, flatlock seams, and an Airzone Chamois, and is an excellent value.

Superlight vest: The superlight vest is a unisex piece, and is a slim fit. The front provides wind and water protection, while the sides and back are very breathable.

Superlight jacket: The superlight jacket has similar construction as the vest, with the addition of sleeves. The front of the arms are wind and water resistant, with the back of the arms made of mesh for ventilation.


oh man, no groad bibs with pockets?!? I love my bib pockets.


@RustyHacksaw I’m thinking about an early fall order. Groad tights, maybe some thermal jerseys, and we could do the groad bibs too.


…and a jacket :wink:


Hi Kevin,

I prefer long sleeve summer weight jerseys for my daytime rides. No sweating off the UV protection and they are cooler especially on the sunny days. Were the pre-COVID numbers insufficient to include in the store?

I know there are cool sleeves, but a jersey with modern sun protection is just so much nicer…



Hi @bill;

I had a look back, in prior years we’ve typically sold exactly 6 of the light long sleeve jerseys, so yeah I think it’s doable this year. ( I also see your post has two likes, so that’s a good sign :wink:)
I’ll check in with our Garneau account manager to see about it.


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@kevrideseverything i will take one of the long sleeved jerseys for sure…got your back Bill!

Long sleeves…light ones…rule :slight_smile:

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Thanks for doing that @kevrideseverything are we going to offer the retro / classic jersey from last year? I was in two minds last year but seeing it in real life it is awesome so want to get one.


@Oliver_Smith I love the retro jersey idea…me want!

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Ok quick update:

The long sleeve light jersey will be added to the store shortly. Design is done, just need the folks at Garneau to flip some switches to get it on the site.

Also, looks like the Groad bibs (with the side pockets) are sought after, so I’ve asked for them to be added also. (There’s no design just yet, but it should be relatively straightforward)

So if you’re interested in either item, hold tight and let us get the store ready so you can get all your items ordered in one shot.



Store has been updated. We’ve now got the Groad bib shorts and the light long sleeve jersey in the store.

The groad bib fit the same as the Pacer bibs (formerly known as the lazer grip bibs a few years back), with the added bonus of mesh pockets on the thighs.

The light long sleeve jersey is a standard fit, so will be similar to the Sportiv and Pacer jerseys.

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Is the long sleeve jersey available for try-on at the fit night?

@RustyHacksaw unfortunately no. Since it was a late add, they hasn’t included it when they shipped out the samples.
As I mentined, fit would be similar to the pacer or sportif jerseys. For sleeve length, they are usually quite generous. (I had a few poeple asking me on Thursday) I’ve got the thermal long sleeve jersey from a few years ago. I’m 6 ft, yet the sleeves of a medium are long enough.

@kevrideseverything will there be one more fit night tomorrow? Second guessing the vest/jacket sizing

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@kspangler yes, last fit night is Monday

We have all sizes of the vest. They didn’t have any jackets available to send, but I do have one large you can try on if that helps.


@kevrideseverything - I think if the vest fits I am good with the jacket. What time on Monday? I am sure the large was good but then was thinking a little more room might be good…

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5:30~ish (I head over there as soon as I’m done work at 5) till 7 when they close.


@kevrideseverything Apologies I did not show up, I had a family emergy at the hospital (my son had a collapsed lung and th surgery went long). I have made my order…thanks for getting this all together Kevin. I my not be the fastest but I will look good going slow :slight_smile:

@kspangler , oh my goodness, I hope everything is ok

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