Faction Track!

I just signed up for racing Track with Faction Racing! (need to add a ‘Track’ option on the form :wink: )

Also, the team has allowed me to be the “Track Rep” with the goal of creating and increasing a Faction presence at Track events (Milton, Bromont, London, Detroit, etc).

I have some ideas to help introduce track to riders in other cycling disciplines…and maybe convince a few to give track racing a try! :smiley:

I will also look at some track specific training towards late summer as we prep for the 24/25 racing season (April - July is relaxing season!) for those that are already racing track (@Emily_driedger , @Bryan_Matzko to name a few) or for those that are planning to give it a go this autumn.

I’m REALLY excited for this opportunity and would like to thank Faction Racing for allowing me to help promote my passion!

Let me know how I can convince you to try the track?



I’ve been saying it for years, but this winter after cyclo-cross season I’ll finally come out and give track a try.


I’m quoting you so that I can refer to this later! :joy:

Already a successful season with you saying this.


Would love to try once triathlon season is over, fall/winter