Faction Racing

Spring is upon us and another year of racing is gearing up in Ontario. As many of you may know Faction Racing is a local race team and is primarily sponsored by the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC). The team is comprised of athletes that compete in all different types of racing on two wheels including; road, mountain bike, triathlon, gravel, time trial and cyclo-cross.

About Us

No matter which discipline(s) you love to race Faction is an inclusive and supportive environment, anyone can join, although all our members do have to become WCC club members first. We do support a number of sponsored athletes every year. These sponsored athletes have to be willing to commit to training and competing in as much of their disciplines season as possible. They are expected to collaborate with team mates and act in a professional, considerate and friendly manner while training and competing. Sponsored athletes receive some financial support to help with race kit and other expenses, these benefits vary year to year depending on the teams budget.

Whether you’re new to racing or you’re an experienced veteran, if you’re committed to the coming season of racing and are interested in applying to be a sponsored athlete just fill out the form in the link below.

Faction Application

If you want to join the team just reply here or shoot me a pm on the forum or ask below. Everyone is welcome as long as you’re willing to push yourself, learn new skills and most importantly have fun. We do have a facebook group where some discussion happens as well as an email list. If you want to be added to either just ask. Of course discussion also happens on the forum under the Race category since every member of Faction must also be a WCC member. We have many seasoned racers in every discipline, so feel free to ask questions in the Race category or start up a topic about a coming race or a search for teammates to work with in a particular category.

The Year Ahead

For a number of years now Faction athletes have lead a criterium ride for the club starting in late June or early July. This ride starts our as Learn to Crit, and teaches the basics of cornering, positioning and tactics in a criterium. Even if you never plan to race a crit these are invaluable skills to help you improve your ability to handle a bike. After a few weeks the ride changes to Crit Training and focuses on intervals and crit simulations. These rides will be posted to the forum, we hope many member come out and give them a try.

You’ll see Faction athletes at many of the club rides and we’ll be at the Learn to Group Ride program helping out so there will be many opportunities to ask questions and talk racing during the year.

We’ll post about coming races and get some race reports up as the season unfolds.

If you have any questions please ask away.



@MarkW - when I enter an event I don’t see Faction as a team affiliation ?

Hey Will,

Sorry for the delay. Faction should be affiliated with Ontario Cycling this week.


Hey Mark, I’m interested in joining this year.

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Awesome David. What disciplines were you thinking of trying?

We’re in the process of getting organized and will hopefully have some social gatherings and such soon. Shoot me a pm if you want your email added to the group. We’ll get you on the Facebook group.

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I threw in an application. I used to race enduro when I lived out west, and am getting into triathlons here. Been a while since I did any serious racing, but would be cool to be on a team for motivation/camaraderie.


Any update on if Faction is affiliated yet? And how we update our license from WCC to Faction before P2A ? Thanks

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I just tried searching Faction for my Provincial Race license purchase, and it didn’t come up. It should appear on CCN any day now.

I’ll look into it with Ontario Cycling. Once we’re affiliated it’s just a matter of writing Chris Baskys to get your license updated.

Sorry for the delay.


That’s great to hear. There’s a solid mtb group that race the o-cups and the Cannondale XCO race series.

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